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Electro-Body Therapy (also called body electro-acutherapy) is a noninvasive form of therapy that expedites healing through the stimulation of the body’s own immune resources and healing capacity. One of the largest sources of chronic pain and dysfunction in the soft tissue structure of the body is scar tissue! Scar tissue is impedance to nerves, like a dimmer switch is to lights. Scar tissue in the body can be created by injury, infection, surgery, instability of joints, etc.
Electro-Body Therapy is an extremely effective method to help facilitate healing and research shows that micro-current therapy, when applied in harmony with the body’s own electrical structure, can stimulate the production of (ATP) adenosine triphosphate. ATP transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism. ATP is a neurotransmitter and is part of chemical synthesis of almost all cellular activity in the human body.
As we age or sustain injury to any part of our body, the vital process of ATP synthesis decreases, and the regeneration of cells is compromised. No other single source of stimulation, including exercise, can more powerfully stimulate ATP in the body than Electro-Body Therapy!
All of the staff of NAI completes extensive training and operates the Electro-AcuScope under the direction of NAI President, Ernest Huhta, Jr. When the use of this tool is utilized in conjunction with the deep expertise of NAI staff in muscle and soft tissue dysfunction, amazing results can occur in healing! 

With Electro-Body Therapy,
we successfully address a host of
complaints and chronic pain issues
​listed below:






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