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See Below for Pricing 


/syn-er-gy/   noun
the interaction or cooperation of two or more professionals, organizations, or substances to produce a combine's effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.
"Naturale Alternatives is the synergy of multiple practitioners, all with different skillsets, working together focused on your healing & rejuvenation."


/heal-ing/   noun
the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.
to become free form injury or disease.
tending to heal; theraputic


/re-ju-ve-nation noun
the action or process of making someone or something look or feel better, younger, or more vital. 
"A day of rejuvenation has revived & renewed my life, freshening my body and mind."
White Sands


Brief Consultation---------------------------------------------------------------$80
Expanded Consultation-------------------------------------------------------$125
Electrical Stimulation, Unattended-----------------------------------------$35/area
Bio-Feedback: Ear clips/head band----------------------------------------$50
Electrical Stimulation, Attended / Y-Probe-------------------------------$40
Electro-Spinal Series-----------------------------------------------------------$50
Neuromuscular Reeducation/

Mobilization/Peripheral Nerve Function----------------------------------$25/per 15-min unit*
Myofascial Release / Manual Therapy / Trigger Point-----------------$30
Manual Treatment with 2 therapists----------------------------------------$80
Deep Tissue / Sports-----------------------------------------------------------$30/15-min unit*
Myolymphatic Drainage-------------------------------------------------------$30/15-min unit*
Stretch / Range of Motion----------------------------------------------------$30
Reflexology-----------------------------------------------------------------------$20/15-min unit*
Hot Pack---------------------------------------------------------------------------$10/ea
EAU Pads--------------------------------------------------------------------------$10/ea


Sand Texture
"Ernest and his staff are top shelf, his knowledge and treatment methods often times far surpass that which you would be offered through conventional doctoring. We have seen him for several health concerns and at one point he has diagnosed and healed me where other practitioners were not experienced enough to do so. I am able to serve God and my family again because of his treatments."
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